Church History

On September 23, 1944, the Binghamtown Missionary Baptist Church of Middlesboro, KY met in New Tazewell, TN for the purpose of organizing Midway Missionary Baptist Church.  Several tent revivals had been held previously by the Binghamtown Missionary Baptist Church leading up to that meeting.  A motion was entertained at that time to enter into election the church's first pastor and church clerk for the new church at Midway.  Rev. Bob Wolfe of Binghamtown was elected Pastor and Moderator.  Mr. Stirl Welch of Tazewell was elected Church Clerk.  Brother Charlie England graciously donated a parcel of land to be used for construction of a permanent church building.  On July 14, 1945, the church voted to letter to the Cumberland Gap Baptist Association and is still a member today.  Construction of the church was soon completed, and the first service in the new building was held the first Saturday night in December 1945.  An additional educational building and fellowship hall were added in 1975.

When additional parcels of land became available, they were purchased by the church.  Responding to the blessings of rapid growth in membership under the leadership of our former Pastor, Rev. Ronald Pressnell, a new 500-seat sanctuary with several new educational rooms was added using one of these adjoining parcels of land.  Our new addition was dedicated on Sunday, March 13, 2006.  The original sanctuary, now serving as a Fellowship Hall is used for meetings, special events, and sharing meals together.  The Lord has continued to bless our church over the years under the leadership of our former pastors:  Rev. Willis Ogan, Rev. I.S. King, Rev. Bob Brooks, Rev. Stirl Welch, Rev. Leonard Brooks, Rev. Clyde Cavins, Rev. Claude Gose, Rev. Willis Lamb, Rev. Johnny Niday, Rev. Cecil Fultz, Rev. Randy Pressnell, Rev. Yadon Howard, and Rev. Ronnie Pressnell.  God blessed our church by calling several of our young men into His ministry to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  They have joined with many others who continue to serve our church and churches in our Association.

Rev. Mitch Burke accepted the Lord's calling of pastoring our church.  The Lord has continued to bless us through his pastorate, along with Associate Pastor, Rev. Kenny Trent and Youth Pastor, Rev. Jason Miracle.  Our heartfelt prayer is for people to know the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and become actively involved in His ministry.  Our church is located at 905 Yoakum Street New Tazewell, TN.  We invite you to come be a part of our church family.

To God be the glory for providing us with a wonderful church, a host of great leaders, workers, and faithful members.   


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